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Hwa Won Yue Hapkido Martial Arts Academy is located in Hamilton, ON, Canada. If you are interested in learning Hapkido, please drop by our club or contact us to learn more about the classes we offer. 

Hapkido in Hamilton

Classes at Hwa Won Yue Hapkido are taught by Grand Master Cha.

Hapkido (also spelled hap ki do or hapki-do) is a dynamic and eclectic Korean martial art. It is a form of self-defense that employs joint locks, pressure points, throws, kicks, and other strikes. There are also traditional weapons including short stick, cane, rope, nun-chucks, sword and staff which vary in emphasis depending on the particular tradition examined.

Hapkido contains both long and close range fighting techniques, utilizing dynamic kicking and percussive hand strikes at longer ranges and pressure point strikes, joint locks, or throws at closer fighting distances. Hapkido emphasizes circular motion, non-resisting movements, and control of the opponent. Practitioners seek to gain advantage through footwork and body positioning to employ leverage, avoiding the use of strength against strength.

About Us

Tuition and Uniform Costs

CHILD $80.00 / $960.00 + FREE Uniform 2
ADULT $100.00 / $1200.00 + FREE Uniform5

CHILD $65.00 Plain White Uniform
$120.00 Black Belt Club Uniform
Includes Club Crest and Logo
ADULT $100.00 Plain White Uniform
$120.00 Black Belt Club Uniform
Includes Club Crest and Logo

CHILD $40.00
ADULT $60.00

*Grading fees for Red Belt and Black Belts do not apply to the above costs.


Grand Master Cha was born in Korea. He began training in Hapkido at the age of 6. In 1970 he immigrated to Brazil and studied Tae Kwon Do for one year. He arrived in Canada in January of 1972 then trained in Hapkido with Grand Master K.D. Yeo in Toronto. He was granted his first degree black belt in 1974. From 1977 until 1979 he studied under and instructed for Grand Master Hwang In Shik. He studied at the University of Toronto in 1977. In 1982 he was granted "SAH-BUM" or Fourth Degree Black Belt (Translate: "one who instructs through example"). He then moved to Hamilton and began teaching Hapkido in his own Dojang. Grand Master Cha incorporated the concept of understanding into his own style and founded Hwa Won Yue Hapkido proclaiming Grand Mastership and 10th Dan as a founder of Hwa Won Yue Hapkido in 1987.

Grand Master Cha  

Third Degree Black Belts

Dan Lawrence
Dan Fillion
Dave Crook
Mike Ducheneau

Second Degree Black Belts

Mark Dunlop
Brandon Sommerville
Barry Allen

First Degree Black Belts

Jim O'Keefe
Reuben Knowler
Mathew Tathan
Matt Ducheneau
Isaac Bates
Ed Clayton

Class Schedule

NOTE: Class times are subject to change.

          Mixed Class
(Adults and
Weapons Grappling General


Yellow Stripe

Strikes (all strikes from left wrist grab, striking with right)
  1. Sword Strike to Clavicle
  2. Nunchuk Strike to Temple
  3. Companion Sword Strike with Elbow Strike to Solar Plexus
  4. Spear Hand to Femoral Artery
  5. Palm Strike to Floating Rib
  6. Spear Hand to Trachea
Breakaways (all breakaways from right wrist grab)
  1. Latissimus Dorsi push with bucking back fist
  2. When pulled with bucking back fist
  3. When pushed with bucking back fist
  4. Downward break away with elbow strike
  5. Live-hand tricept push up with elbow strike
  6. Assisted tricept push-up with elbow strike
Take Downs (performed both sides)
  1. Pivot throw
Joint Locks (all joint locks from right wrist grab)
  1. 'Kul Nut Key' to elbow
  2. 'Kul Nut Key' to elbow 45 degrees
  3. One inch bow
  4. Side wrist lock - bend elbow
  5. Side elbow lock
  6. Elbow lock controlled
Escapes From Mounted Position (all from opponent on mount position - performed both sides)
  1. Escape to Mount
  2. Escape to Guard
  3. As punches are received - buck - single arm hook - roll
  4. As punches are received - buck - shoulder walk - two arm hook - guard
  5. Escape when head is locked
  6. Escape when head is locked with high mount
Kicks (both sides)
  1. Side kick

Yellow Belt

  1. Library strike - Diagonal sword hand strike to neck
  2. Tonfa strike to chin and sternum
  3. Horse stance elbow strike to ribs
  4. Bow string strike to throat
  5. Finger strike to eyes
  6. Ridge hand strike to temple
Break Aways
  1. Walk through - push off
  2. Aggressive release - hand into face
  3. Passive release - wrist lock
  4. Slap down - back fist to face
  5. Live-hand break away - multiple blow to groin and face
  6. Pivot out break away - elbow strike
Take Downs
  1. Following pivot throw
  2. Flowing pivot throw
Joint Locks
  1. Wrist whip/casting
  2. Elbow strike walkthrough - figure eight
  3. Go behind wing lock
  4. Carrying the sack
  5. Gooseneck wrist lock
  6. Break thumb - elbow lock - kick - wrist lock
  1. Cross grab collar - blade choke
  2. Cross grab collar - push elbows down
Defenses From Chokes (performed both sides)
  1. 'Kul Nut Key'
  2. Side wrist lock (#4 joint lock)
  3. Downward arm break
  4. Insert hand
  1. Roundhouse (both sides)

Orange Stripe

Two Handed Joint Locks
  1. 'Kul Nut Key' to elbow - variations
  2. 'Kul Nut Key' to elbow 45 degrees
  3. One inch bow
  4. Side wrist lock
  5. Side elbow lock
  6. Elbow lock controlled
  7. Wrist whip/casting
  8. Elbow strike walkthrough - variations
  9. Go behind wing lock
  10. Finger attack to elbow break
  11. Gooseneck wrist lock
  12. Break thumb-elbow lock-kick-wrist lock
Running/Flowing Joint Locks
  1. 'Kul Nut Key' to elbow
  2. 'Kul Nut Key' to elbow 45 degrees
  3. One inch bow
  4. Side wrist lock
  5. Side elbow lock
  6. Elbow lock controlled
  7. Wrist whip/casting
  8. Elbow strike walkthrough
  9. Go behind wing lock
  10. Carrying the sack
  11. Gooseneck wrist lock
  12. Multi-technique to wrist lock
  13. Bow string strike to throat (#10 strike)
  1. Delta choke (one handed)
  2. Delta choke (two handed)
Self Defense From Front Shoulder Grab
  1. One inch bow-snake arm (#3 Joint Lock)
  2. Side wrist lock with elbow (#4 Joint Lock)
  3. Two hand break
Self Defense From Front Sleeve Grab
  1. One inch bow-knife hand (#3 Joint Lock)
  2. Side wrist lock (#4 Joint Lock)
  3. Elbow pin and wrap
Self Defense From Front Lapel Grab
  1. Wrist throw
  2. Side wrist lock - snap wrist (#4 Joint Lock)
  3. Side elbow lock (#5 Joint Lock)
Self Defense From Front Belt Grab
  1. Palm down - smash meta carpel
  2. Palm down - side wrist lock (#4 Joint Lock)
  3. Palm up - attack thumb
  4. Palm up - Finger attack to carrying the sack (#10 Joint Lock)
Self Defense Techniques
  1. Evade choke against wall
  2. Smashing hands
  3. Destroy fingers with knee
  4. With front snap kick
Ground Work From Mount (performed both sides)
  1. Fall on arm - attack shoulder blade
  2. Fall on arm - attack shoulder and wrist
  3. Swing leg around - arm bar
Ground Work From Guard (performed both sides)
  1. Double arm bar + squeeze
  2. Single arm bar + squeeze ( Lt + Rt)
  3. Anti-rape arm bar on side - side wrist lock(#4 Joint Lock)
  4. Anti-rape arm bar on side - side elbow lock (#5 Joint Lock)

Orange Belt

Crossing of Swords - Sword Strikes
  1. Inside Left
  2. Inside Right
  3. Outside Left
  4. Outside Right
Crossing of Swords - Punches
  1. Springboard punch
  2. Upper cut (Lt + Rt)
  3. Straight punch (Lt + Rt)
Cross Grab Techniques
  1. Wrist wrap - overhand - one finger overhand - underhand
  2. Kul Nut Key with pivot - jack up elbow/downward sternum rake - jack up elbow pivot with takedown
  3. Swinging wrist whip/casting (#7 Joint Lock)
  4. Swinging elbow strike walkthrough (#8 Joint Lock)
  5. Swinging finger attack to elbow break (#10 Joint Lock)
  1. Spinning heel kick
Self Defense From Behind
  1. If collar is grabbed - turn left / right
  2. If belt is grabbed - turn left / right
  3. If both wrists are grabbed
Head Locks
  1. Choke
  2. Mandible joint attack
  3. Trigeminal nerve attack
Escapes From Standing Head Lock
  1. Pre lock - outer wrist lock
  2. Pre lock - outer wrist lock on fingers
  3. 'Kul Nut Key' on knee with legs
  4. Two hand leg grab - pick up knees
  5. Push to side
  6. Attack inner thigh
  7. Attack knee - roll back to mount
  8. Drop and roll back to mount
  9. Drop and roll forward

Green Stripe

Sword Strikes (Right Side) from opponent punching
  1. Right Pivot Deflect - Right Sword Hand
  2. Right Pivot Deflect - Left Sword Hand
  3. Enter Eye Jab - Right Sword Hand
  4. Enter Eye Jab - Left Sword Hand
Counter Punches - from opponent punching
  1. Right Pivot Deflect - Right Upper Cut
  2. Right Pivot Deflect - Right Straight Punch
  3. Right Pivot Deflect - Right Spring Board
  4. Right Pivot Deflect with eye jab - Left Upper Cut
  5. Right Pivot Deflect with eye jab - Left Straight Punch
Take Downs (standing from struggle)
  1. Roll Back Into Arm Bar
  2. Inside Knee Strike - Roll forward Into Arm Bar With Choke
  3. Hip Throw Reversal Into Arm Bar Takedown
Handshake Defense Techniques
  1. Thumb Lock/Twist
  2. Medial Nerve Strike with Index Finger Roll
  3. Meta Carpal Strike
  4. Radial Nerve Strike
  5. Radial Nerve Strike with Wrist Lock Take down
  6. Radial Nerve Strike with Wrist Lock Pivot Take down
  7. Wrist Whip Casting
  8. Elbow Strike Walk Through High
  9. Elbow Strike Walk Through Low
  10. Finger Attack To Elbow Break ( carry the sack)
  11. Reverse Wrist Lock
  12. Back Pivot Wrist Lock Take Down
Escape From Head Lock (performed from ground)
  1. Push - Pull - Bridge
  2. Cradle
  3. One Arm
  4. One Arm One Leg
  5. Noose Choke
  6. Pivot on Knee
  7. Butterfly
Opponent Rising From Guard
  1. Simple Roll With Flow
  2. Scissors Roll
  3. Pull Ankles - Thrust Knees into Chest
  4. Two Feet Circle Through
  5. Trap Foot - Hook Leg
  6. Trap Foot - Tibia Strike
  7. Trap Foot - Push Knee
  1. Wing Choke
  2. Guillotine From Guard
  3. Assisted Lapel
  1. Skew
  2. Hook
  3. Axe
  4. Fake Roundhouse

Green Belt

All Techniques From White Belt To Green Belt
(Left + Right side)

Deflect Punches Into Joint Locks
  1. 'Kul Nut Key' to elbow
  2. Side elbow lock
  3. Elbow strike walkthrough
  4. Go behind chicken wing
  5. Double pivot take down by wrist
Deflect Punches Into Kicks
  1. Side kick
  2. Roundhouse kick
  3. Snap kick
  4. Hook kick
  5. Slamming door - roundhouse knee
  6. Shin strike to leg
  7. Instep strike to knee
  8. Instep strike to Achilles heel
Hip Throw Submissions
  1. Side kick to head - sword foot 'Jok-Do' choke
  2. Stretch out arm break - over head
  3. Arm bar - two feet behind
  4. Arm bar - two feet in front
  5. Arm bar - Lt foot forward Rt foot back
  6. Arm bar - Rt foot forward Lt foot back
  7. Leg pretzel around arm bar
  8. Arm pretzel attack shoulder blade - Achilles tendon choke
  9. Gooseneck wrist pull - standing
  10. Gooseneck wrist pull - kneeling
  11. Sternum crush
Self Defense - 'Laying On Beach'
  1. Attack with feet - opponent face on
  2. Attack with feet - opponent sideways
  3. Attack with knees - opponent face on
  4. Attack with knees - opponent sideways
  5. Attack with hands - opponent face on
  6. Attack with hands - opponent sideways
  7. Scissors attack at hip level

Blue Stripe

Three Circle Strikes (opponents hands poised in fighting position)
  1. Back Fist 'Yuk Kwon'
  2. Elbow Strike 'Pal Kum Chi' from left
  3. Elbow Strike 'Pal Kum Chi' from right
  4. Sword/Knife Hand 'Soo Do' from left
  5. Sword/Knife Hand 'Soo Do' from right
  6. Knuckle strike to Temple 'Gal Ko Ree'
  7. Nunchuk strike/Hammer Fist to Temple 'Won Kwon'
Joint Locks (from punch)
  1. Whipping joint lock take down
  2. Dropping-Over joint lock - leg in front
  3. Dropping-Over joint lock - leg behind
  4. Secured wrist take down
Take Downs
  1. Two leg take down
  2. Two leg side spill take down
  3. Two leg pivoting take down
Ground work (opponent laying flat on stomach and then rising)
  1. Hell Choke 'Geeok'
  2. Wing Coke-Calcaneus Kick to Femeral Artery-Delta choke with legs-Arm bar
  1. Spinning Back Kick
Knife 'Dan Do' Techniques
  1. Left cut 'Oo Hwoo Ree Gee'
  2. Right cut 'Cha Hwoo Ree Gee'
  3. Defense from left cut
  4. Defense from right cut
  5. Defense from knife cut, Multiple cut with front stab
  6. Defense from knife cut, Mulitple cut with side stab
Stick 'Joong Pong' Techniques
  1. 'Sam Dong Jak' attack from left
  2. 'Sam Dong Jak' attack from right
  3. Defense from 'Sam Dong Jak' attack from left
  4. Defense from 'Sam Dong Jak' attack from right

Blue Belt

Take Downs From Struggle

  1. Pick up toss over
  2. Forward collapsing take down
Ground Work From Guard As Opponent Rises
  1. One leg circle throw
  2. Half-scissors throw
  3. Grape vine take down
Self Defense From Bear Hug
  1. Stomp on toe
  2. Grape vine and tibial nerve attack
  3. Grape vine resist pickup
  4. Kick down along tibia
  5. Horse buck kick
  6. Calcaneus kick to side of knee
  7. Calcaneus kick to patella
  8. Calcaneus kick to femoral nerve
  9. Calcaneus kick to groin
  10. 1000 lb drop - elbow strike
Self Defense From One-Two Punch
  1. 'Yuk Kwon'
  2. 'Soo Do'
  3. 'Pal Kum Chi'
Self Defense From Knife
  1. Abdominal cut defense
  2. Upward stab defense
  3. Midsection stab defense
Stick 'Joong Pong' Techniques
  1. Hook hand and strike head
  2. Hook neck and strike with elbow
  3. Control hand and strike head
  4. Hook hand and strike head with butt-end of stick
  5. Control counterstrike, pivot strike-control hand underneath
Muliple Punch
  1. Combination Punch - 6 strikes

Red Stripe

Finger Locks (opponent striking with an open hand push to chest)

  1. Carry the Sack
  2. Thumb attack to gooseneck
  3. Over the top
  4. Finger pickup to wrist attack
  5. Multiple joint lock
  1. Armbar tripping takedown
  2. Elbow over the head takedown
  3. Choke from behind defence

  4. - Fall back trip
    - Elbow to groin collapse knee
    - Spilling forward
  5. Scissors takedown
  1. Kick to Patella
  2. Kickout inner knee
Punching Techniques (from both in fighting stance, pre-emptive attack)
  1. Glancing strike from elbow to face
  2. Slaps
  3. Fingers across eyes
  4. Backhand strike
  5. Tearing neck
  6. Bouncing punch
  7. Multiple strike
  1. Escape from armbar - rollout

Red Belt

Defenses From Front Kick
  1. Slamming Door (shin, knee)
  2. Raised Knee Block (outward, inward)
  3. Inside Knee Block to Kick (side, roundhouse)
  4. Hip Bump
  5. #12 Breakaway Strike
  6. Foot Blade Trap
  7. Elbow Strike
1000 Kicks
Defenses From Roundhouse Kick
  1. Shin Block
  2. Deflect over head
  3. Pivot Deflect to Elbow Strike
  4. Spinning Heel Drop Sweep
Defenses From Side Kick
  1. Slide Back Elbow Strike
  2. With Catch
  3. With Back Fist
  4. Kul Nut Key on knee

Black Stripe

Striking Joint Lock Techniques (defence from opponents straight punch)
  1. Arm Bar (without pivot, with pivot)
  2. Elbow Strike (without pivot, with pivot)
  3. Bowstring Strike
  4. Check to Brachial/Radial strike
  5. Spill (without pivot)
  6. Elbow Strike to Face with Reverse Takedown
  7. Check to Throw (opponent is throwing a one/two punch combination)
  8. Climbing check to rollover/eye strike or spring punch
Guillotine Choke Techniques
  1. Lapel Choke
  2. Naked Choke (without arm)
  3. Naked Choke (with arm interference)
  4. Rolling Choke
Ground Techniques (from opponent on guard and punching)
  1. Deflect punch to side choke (without arm interference)
  2. Deflect punch to side choke (with arm interference)
  3. Reverse Arm Bar ( opponent on ground with you in mounted position)
  4. Grapevine Choke ( opponent on all 4 fours)
  5. Takedown Escape to backmount/choke
Flowing (from punching)
  1. Ear Control to #10 (bow string strike)
  2. Ear to chin/low back control
  3. Ear to chin/Shoulder control
Throw/Takedown Techniques
  1. Attack retreating leg takedown with 3 variations ankle,inside knee,hip
  2. Crouch, Step, leg to abdomen / hip, fall back
  3. Step, knee support while falling back
  4. same as #3 but from a dual headlock position
  5. Thumb Attack Takedown (from standing struggle)
  6. Reversal takedown to thumb attack takedown (defense against #5 above)
Throw Defense (from hip throw attempt)
  1. Hand Block
  2. Hip Drop
  3. Shoot front/back
  4. Hip Bump
  5. Push to Elbow
  1. Sliding Front
  2. Sliding Side
  3. Retreating Buck
Dan Do
  1. Downward Stab deflection to wrist throw / stab leg
  2. High Looping Stab deflection to strike inner elbow and arm lock
  3. High Looping Stab deflection to soodo to neck
  4. High Looping Stab deflection to casting
  5. Low Looping Stab deflection to wing lock
  6. Low Looping Stab deflection to arm lock
  7. Low Straight Stab deflection to wrist throw
  8. Sensitivity Training

Black Belt

Knee Defense
  1. Deflect Knee, hook leg, throw with pivot
  2. Deflect Knee, hook leg with push
  3. Deflect Knee with front pivot throw
  4. Deflect Knee with back-drop takedown
  5. Deflect Knee with Back Break
  6. Attack Knee with Elbow Strike
Knee Strikes (from Standing)
  1. Below the Kneecap
  2. Side to outside of Knee
  3. Side to inside of Knee
  4. Strike to Groin and Abs - with back and front leg.
Bet Chi-Gee
  1. Side
  2. Back
Joint Locks
  1. Multiple Joint Lock
  2. Wrist Lock from Lapel
Flowing Techniques
  1. Deflect Punch with Arm WrapTakedown
  2. Deflect Punch with Arm Wrap Takedown-Insert Arm
  3. Deflect Punch with Finger Attack to Throat
  4. Deflect Punch with Kul-Nuk-Kee and Inside Hook Throw
  5. Deflect Punch with Elbow Strike and Spin or Spill
Deflection Techniques
  1. Deflect Jab-Back Fist Strike
  2. Deflect Jab-Back Fist Strike with Kul-Nuk-Kee to Knee
  3. Deflect Jab-Back Fist with throw...hip throw...one arm shoulder...springing hip
  4. Deflect Hook-Elbow Trap with Back Fist Strike
  5. Deflect Punch- Slap
Kick Blocks
  1. Roundhouse hook arm block to elbow strike
  2. Roundhouse half lotus block with side kick

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